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Protect Your Fields with Meskari

Shield, shade. and sustain your garden, trees, shrubs, berries, orchards, farms and more with safe and secure netting. We have you covered with three types of netting: Hail Defense Netting, Insect Multi Shield and Drosophila. Each are UV protected, high density premium quality polyethylene mesh netting.

Meskari has you covered with netting you can count on!

Netting is highly effective method to reduce crop damage or loss from birds, insects, pests or harsh weather. Investing today in netting will keep your plants and trees, fruits, vegetables - thriving. Our supplied netting, manufactured by Smart Net Systems, known for premium quality netting. Shield from insects, bugs, pests, birds and the damaging elements. Shade from intense sun and heat. Sustain organic growing through thermal effect (minimize heat escape while retaining moisture) and increase yield by reducing or eliminating use of pesticides. Whether you're a professional farmer or a home gardener, this netting is a must-have for protecting your crops and plants. You can trust the netting to last season after season with proper handling and installation practices.

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