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Hail Defense Netting

Hail Defense Netting, is universal defense against birds, pests, large insects and HAIL! It is a high quality, UV protected polyethylene net. Install over Hoop Covers, raised garden beds, ground gardens, floating row covers, fruit tree covers, structures, etc. Manufactured by Smart Net Systems.


  • Hail

  • Japanese Beetles

  • Stink Bugs

  • Birds

  • Grasshoppers

  • Damaging Rain


  • 18% shade factor to reduce effects from intense sun and heat


  • Thermal effect by minimizing heat escape and retaining moisture

  • Increase yield by reducing or eliminating use of pesticides


  • 55 GSM

  • UV protection injected directly into filaments vs coating

  • Not affected by Humidity

  • Reinforced edges with button holes spaced every inch to tie down or join

  • Durable up to 10 years

Perfect for

  • Backyard Gardens

  • Country Gardens

  • Garden Centres

  • U-pick Berry Fields

  • Nurseries

  • Vehicle Coverage

  • and More!

Shield from birds, insects and Hail!

Innovative solution to protect the fragile matters! See what netting can do for you!

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