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  • What is the average lifespan of the netting products offered by Meskari for gardening purposes?
    The netting products offered by Meskari are designed for durability and longevity, with an average lifespan of 7-10 years. Factors such as installation, maintenance, storage and exposure to harsh weather conditions, can impact the lifespan of the netting.
  • What size of hail will it protect against?
    The netting has been tested to protect up to baseball size. However, we have personally tested in against golf all size to which the hail bounces off.
  • What are the available netting sizes?
    Sizing depends on the type of netting. All the netting comes in standard widths, they can be attached to create virtually any size coverage you need. We provide hardware to accomplish most DIY setups. Visit our netting page for netting types.
  • What type of netting do you sell?
    Meskari is a distributor of netting manufactured by Smart Net Systems. Our most popular type of netting is Hail Defense Netting. We carry Insect Multi Shield Netting (limited stock available) as it is being replaced by Drosophila (bug) netting.
  • What are the benefits of netting?
    Hail and insect netting helps create an organic gardening atmosphere as it naturally protects from bugs, fruit flies, birds, cabbage butterflies, slugs, rabbits and more. The netting helps to reduce the damaging effects of UV rays and intense heat. Naturally protects against the devastation of hail.
  • How do I choose the netting type to buy?
    General Steps: Start with your protection goal? Hail, birds, insects or small bugs, etc. What is my design setup? Size that I am covering? Will it require joining? How much netting do you need? What is my budget?
  • Can you design my garden setup?
    We do not provide individual design concepts. However, our website is updated with designs to inspire you!
  • How do I measure the amount of netting?
    Overhead structure to walk underneath Example: 10’ x 15’ garden space at height of 6 feet Calculation: Length plus height twice (10’ L + 6‘H x 2). Then width plus height twice (15’W + 6’ H x 2) = 22’L x 27’W Overhead structure not walking under it? Example: 10’ x 15’ garden space Calculation: Simply take the length x width and add 3ft on each side [10’L + (3’H x 2)] x [15’W + (3’H x 2)] = 16’L x 21’W Acreage Calculation: Number of Rolls = [(Square feet per acre) divided by (square feet coverage per roll)] multiplied by acres.
  • Does Meskari provide installation?
    Due to diversity of individual needs, resources, and locations, we do not provide installation services.
  • How tight does the netting need to be installed?
    The tighter the better. Depending on the setup design, the hail will bounce off th DNetting. If it doesn’t bounce, once it melts, netting returns to original shape and melting hail naturally waters the garden.
  • Can it remain installed over the winter?
    At the end of the season, we recommend the netting to be removed, cleaned, and store in cool, dry location. A few customers have experienced snow during the latter part of the season. The netting was fine; however, their metal structure was damaged due to the weight of the snow.
  • What is in your preserves?
    No artificial colours or preservatives. All natural ingredients
  • Are the preserves gluten free?
    We have you covered with gluten-free preserves. Although considered virtually gluten free, we do use Bourbon in our peach bourbon jam which may contain gluten.
  • How can I get your jams, salsa and pickles?
    Initially, these will be available at Farmer's Market near and around Calgary. We will try to post the dates, locations and times under what's new on the website. Looking down the road, we are exploring the possibility of shipping within Canada only.
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