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Drosophila (Bug) Netting

Drosophila Netting, is premium quality, warped weave, high density, UV protected polyethylene. Reduces or eliminates need for pesticides, providing for flavourful, vitamin filled, organic produce. Manufactured by Smart Net Systems.


  • Hail

  • Spotted wing drosophila (fruit flies)

  • Cabbage butterflies

  • Loopers

  • Birds

  • Small Pests

  • Damaging wind

  • Heavy Rain


  • 20%+ shade factor to reduce effects from intense sun and heat


  • Thermal effect by minimizing heat escape and retaining moisture

  • Increase yield by reducing or eliminating use of pesticides


  • 100 GSM

  • UV protection injected directly into filaments vs coating

  • Not affected by Humidity

  • Reinforced edges with button holes spaced every inch to tie down or join

  • Durable up to 10 years

Perfect for

  • Backyard Gardens

  • Country Gardens

  • Row Covers

  • Strawberries, raspberries, and stone fruit like cherries

  • U-pick Berry Fields

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