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from a patio garden to a farm

Truck in Crop Fields
Hail Defense Netting over greenhouse structure to Shield | Shade | Sustain raised garden bed inside

We love that the garden still gets all the natural rain without the hail... Every interaction with friendly and helpful and we are grateful for their amazing service. We purchased the netting with great expectations and hope and our expectations were exceeded! We wholeheartedly recommend calling

Larry and Stacey, AB

Kathy, AB

"The tender plants under the hail netting are growing happily. Thanks so much for offering a hail protection solution that is very easy to employ and meets this gardeners expectations!

CariAnn, AB

"I got your jam from the market last night and the jar is half gone already! It is so good and must get more... "

Tania, AB

“We really loved the salsa. Thank you so much!”